Climate Action

Climate Action

In International dialogues, translation and interpretation are the bridges that make cross-cultural and cross-linguistic communication possible since the earliest days of human history. Without access to interpreting and translating services, we miss out on health and social services to keep our families and selves healthy and safe.

Climate change has been a dominating issue of discussion but language barrier reduces the trickle-down effect of the knowledge being disbursed. This is caused by a communication breakdown of how information is interpreted. Example, Currently in Kenya and globally Green and Circular Economy has been a major topic of discussion. Relevant information only gets to the well informed and educated leaving the marginalized individuals and informal sector uninformed.

This is all due to the language barrier. N.B. Most educated individuals have higher chances of understanding the main languages e.g. English, French, Swahili etc.

The objective of the project is to help close the environment related information gap by creating both onsite (training workshops to teach English in the coastal region) and online platforms that can help mitigate this issue. Langues Des Champions in partnership with DiscoverBrands (Environment and Circular economy) and NGO HERI (Health Environment Research Institute) will start implementing this starting May 2023 as part of the Diani Environmental Initiative. This project is part of the strategy for the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility scheme in Kenya.


Teach languages especially English to the marginalized communities and the informal sector in Kwale County where Swahili is the predominant language spoken at the Kenyan Coast. This includes progressive training of other language skills such as translation and interpretation.

Teach Sign language to the disabled in marginalized communities and the informal sector. Educate using learning aids and furniture that are locally made from recycled plastics in Kwale County. Train and capacity build about the Environment and the Green and Circular Economy best practices. This is in partnership with the DiscoverBrands Systems Limited and an NGO HERI as part of the Diani Environmental Initiative. To help improve Diani and Kwale County standards as one of the leading eco-friendly tourist destinations in the world.


Increase language literacy rates by upto 20% for the marginalized people in the informal sector. Develop a hearing impaired training center at the HERI hub for teaching, training and capacity building on sign language.  Creation of new language related job opportunities for the trained translators and interpreters in the communities.

Awareness creation for environmental topics in the region, country, continent and globe. This will also help communicate about Diani as an eco-tourism destination. (N.B. Diani has been in the top 3 best beach destinations in Africa for the last 7 years.)